Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are You Dead?

I just received an email from someone in Nigeria wanting to know if I’m dead. And did I assign my share of my Nigerian money to my lawyer in the event of my death. The letter continued to say that my lawyer (who really is my lawyer and they really knew his name – this part is scary) is claiming I’m dead and is trying to get my Nigerian money.

I don’t have any Nigerian money. And while I do have a lawyer, I hired him to get the insurance money from the insurance company of the driver who hit me while I was biking, to pay for my medical expenses. I did not hire him to get fictional funds from Nigeria. If these people in Nigeria want to give him my Nigerian funds, he is welcome to them. All $0 and 0 cents worth.

But I am concerned that these people know my lawyer’s name and my email address even though they do not know my name. (I have no idea who would believe they have Nigerian funds when the people sending the email don’t even address them by name.)

My concern is how they obtained my lawyer’s name.

A few weeks ago when I emailed my lawyer scans of several bills for my medical care, I received what appeared to be a bounce message. I called my lawyer to ask if he had a new edress. He assured me that he had received my email and didn’t know why I got the bounced email message.

I forwarded the bounce message to him and suggested he show it to his webmaster. I thought that was the end of it, until I received this Nigerian scam-mail.

I forwarded the “Are you dead?” query to my lawyer. Now he’s willing to talk to his webmaster.

And the good news. He has gotten the driver's insurance to agree to pay for my bike, helmet, and ruined clothing. I've signed the form. Now the insurance company is supposed to send me a check.

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