Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comfrey Oil Experiences

My broken collar bone was quick with the initial stages of knitting. But then it seemed to slow down. It was supposed to get opaque and in a month, there was no progress. I tried putting cooked comfrey roots against the skin over the broken bone. The roots get cold and drippy and slip around. After a week, I got tired of it.

I bought a jar of comfrey in bees wax. That stays put and does not get cold and drippy. I do not know if it was working on the bone underneath.

Then I took a trip to England and forgot to pack my comfrey. The first health food shop I went to in York didn’t have comfrey in beeswax. They did have comfrey oil. UK labels are not like US labels. I grow comfrey in my yard. I know there isn’t enough oil in a comfrey plant to make it worth squeezing. The label just said comfrey oil. I bought it anyway.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I was amazed to look in the mirror and see that the scar from the surgery has gotten much thinner and less obvious. I’ve used comfrey before to help skin grow after nasty scrapes and cuts. But I had no chance to use comfrey at the fresh wound stage after the surgery. It was covered with sterile bandages. And it never occurred to me to put comfrey on scar tissue.

I decided to check on the web to find out if you can buy comfrey oil in the US. And maybe find out what kind of oil is used. Yes, there are several brands of comfrey oil available in the US. They are extractions in extra virgin olive oil. The extraction is done at the flower stage, and the entire above ground part of the plant is used.

Here’s one place that sells it:

Comfrey Oil - Organic 4 Ounces

Here’s a video showing how it is made:

I’ll get another x-ray at the end of this month. I hope the comfrey is working as well on my bones underneath the skin as it is working on the skin.

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