Monday, November 16, 2009

I Want my Mom to be Independent, But...

My mom lives alone in a house on a block where she knows several people and is friends with a few. She has enough money for a modest lifestyle. She can afford her necessary house repairs and her gym membership. Her health is a problem. She's been to the emergency room 3 times in the past 2 weeks. None of her children or grandchildren live close by.

We're not considering anything drastic like asking her to stop driving. We have asked her to get a walker because her walking is not steady. She'd rather grab anything and everything nearby. That works. She rarely falls. It's just a bit odd walking down the sidewalk with her watching her grab every parking meeter and street sign pole. She says she doesn't want to become dependent on a cane or walker.

We children and grandchildren been conspiring. There must be some way to find out if Mom / Grammie needs home help.

Mom is still friends with the woman who took care of her boyfriend before he died. This woman would know if Mom needs help. I got the job of asking Mom if she'd be willing to have lunch with the caretaker once a week. Just to make her children and grandchildren feel better.

This was not a phone call I wanted to make. To my amazement, she agreed. She even volunteered that if that woman isn't available, she knows of an agency that might provide somebody.

Her grace under this kind of pressure was inspiring. I'll probably be much worse if it is ever my turn to live alone and have my children pester me to do things their way.

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