Monday, November 30, 2009

It's All Random

I went to the hospital today, this time as a visitor. One of the first things my neighbor said when I came in the door was, "I never smoked. It's not fair that I have lung cancer."

It's not fair. I totally agree. Even if she had smoked, it wouldn't be fair Plenty of people smoke and don't get lung cancer. Disease and accidents aren't fair.

I reminded her: You're strong. You can get well again.

My mother's new computer died a week after I gave it to her. It is under warranty. The company came out with a new "reconditioned" motherboard. It worked again for another week. Now the company is sending her another new computer. On the surface that's nice, but I spent hours copying over her email address book, downloading and installing Picasa, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash, Quicktime, RealAudio, Open Office, Mozilla Thunderbird and other downloadable software programs that she uses. I set up her bookmarks with her favorite sites. All of that is lost. And I'm not going to fly across the country to do it again. Now I have to find somebody to do this, and I have to pay them. It's not fair.

Last time I went to the hospital, I got hurt on my bike. This time, my bike got hurt without me. I came out and saw it -- handlebars askew, seat askew, breaks non-functional, reflector missing. I walked it to the nearest repair shop. They're closed on Mondays. I walked it to another repair shop. It should be ready tomorrow at noon. The bike was locked to a bike rack, on the sidewalk side. I have no idea how this happened. At least I wasn't on it this time. It's not fair.

My DVD drive died. The eggplant I put in the bowl in the fridge for safekeeping grew mold. The insurance for the driver who hit me has now paid out its maximum and bills are still arriving. It's not fair.

I also got the best husband on the planet. I had a good Thanksgiving with my East Coast family and another one with my West Coast family. I have a warm house, a good education, and a working computer. It's also not fair. I've done nothing to deserve these.

It's all random.


  1. This is a remarkable post. Alas, fairness as we know it has very little to do with anything. Yet on we muddle ... bravely.

  2. I read this post this morning, and I wanted you to know that it meant a lot to me. I have posted a link ( to it in my blog post today. Thank You, Still Here Too