Friday, November 27, 2009

Magic Words at the Magic Show

My grandchildren are not magic enthusiasts. One of the twins loves to yell, "Magic isn't real." The other starts speaking in squeaks and lying on the floor. The six-year-old is taking magic classes, but refuses to show me any of what she's learned, or participate as my assistant. Her brother only likes the tricks where he gets to whack something.

But I have killed my computer repair business and I need to start up a new business. Since I love magic and I love storytelling, and I love science, I thought a magic and science show would be fun.

Yes, I believe what I do to earn money should be fun. I love writing. Getting paid for that would be ideal. But, back to the magic shows. I know I'm not allowed to discipline my grand children. My own children still hate me for sending them to their rooms or making them do their own laundry.

So, what can somebody who has no authority, but who needs cooperation do? If I can't get my own grandchildren to participate in a magic show, what kind of business will I have in strangers' homes?

Julian Franklin to the rescue. Julian is the author of Kid Control. I'm not done reading this book. The material I've read so far saved yesterday's magic show with my grandchildren. Two lines will make the point.

When Twin #1 yelled, "Magic isn't real!" I used one of his lines (tweaked to fit the situation).

"I get it that you think magic isn't real. But some of what I'm doing is science. You need to watch carefully, so you can tell which is which."

She quieted down. Her dad, who loves to put me down in front of her, didn't say a word. She participated as my assistant. She followed instructions.

When her twin sister started squeaking and lying on the floor, I said, "I need you to stand here." She became quiet and moved where I pointed.

This is true magic!

I had a whacking trick. The six-year-old magician tried it once. Her brother, the whacker, did it over and over.

It looks like I can learn to do this. I guess it's safe to assume that any party will have kids who like to whack things and kids who like to get attention by saying bad things about magic. I intend to read the whole book and learn the magic ways to turn off bad behavior. There's a type of magic that is very real indeed.

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