Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Apology from the Hospital

I've sent a long list of problems to the hospital where I was taken after being hit by a car while biking. Little problems, like failure to return phone calls to the rehab department. Big problems like showing me somebody else's x-ray in order to convince me to have surgery. Little problems like cardboard flavored chicken and no fresh fruit or veggies. Big problems like scheduling me for surgery without asking me first if I wanted it, or even telling me there was a problem. Little problems like handing me an information sheet on weight loss in my discharge packet when I was down to 110 (I'm 5'2"), which actually indicated big problems -- it seems the beds have scales in them and the bed told them my weight after 6 days without food was 135. That weight was use to calculate my drug dosage. Big problems like having me sign an informed consent document when I was unable to read due to a concussion and nobody offered to read it to me. Nobody bothered to explain what the surgery was going to be or what risks or side-effects were involved.
Anyway. They sent me an apology. Guess what for? For not returning my phone calls in the rehab department. Hey, when the rehab folks at one center didn't return my calls, I made an appointment elsewhere. I got my rehab. My shoulder is working reasonably well now. And they agreed to recalibrate the beds, but no apology for any possible drug overdoses, or for insulting me with weight loss instructions.
Furthermore, they haven't even begun to address the problems that led to my unwanted and unnecessary surgery -- like how they could show me somebody else's x-ray, and how they could schedule me for surgery without talking to me first.
My husband, the alien, is going to talk to the head of bone surgery, since the hospital President won't address these issues. I'd like to fix these problems from within, since my husband works here. But if necessary, we will go to the hospital accreditation agency of the state. These problems must be fixed.

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