Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Can't Lift it Yet

I took my first full-scale computer job Friday. My client bought a computer for her boyfriend. She was saving money and didn't buy him a monitor because I told her I had an old 17" CRT one she could have. I used to carry these things around like a sack of groceries. My client was going to pay my cab fare to bring it to her. The thing was on the 3rd floor of my house. I could barely lift it a few inches. There was no way I could carry it down 2 flights of stairs and get it into a cab.

I thought these old monitors weighed about 30 lbs. Surely I can carry 30 lbs now. My collar bone is knitted. The surgeon says I can try to do anything just as if the bone never broke. But it's been 5 months since I lifted any thing heavy. Before the accident, I held my grandchildren on my hands. They weigh at least 40 lbs. Then I looked up the weight of a 17" CRT monitor. They average 55 lbs. I'm not up to that yet. I'm still practicing doing more reps with my 5 lb weights and doing yoga downward dog.

So, we rented a car. My husband, the alien, carried the monitor downstairs at our house and upstairs at my client's house. I set up the computer, installed the home network, installed the antivirus software, the word processing software, and other programs the client's boyfriend wanted. Got the Windows updates. There were already 10 of them since the computer shipped.

I'm not fully functional yet. And I forgot to put the rental car on my bill.


  1. Those monitors can be more then just heavy they are awkward. I had to move one the oter day that had been in the same spot for like 7 years. Those older ones are heavy and nasty. Of course my collar bone was OK. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thanks Matym,
    Yes, I'm feeling better. Thank you for asking. I'm taking a course in starting a magic business. I won't use any props that weigh more than I can easily lift. I pretty much killed my computer repair business by not being able to do it for so long.