Monday, December 28, 2009

Just When I Thought My Body was Getting Into Yoga

Saturday's Yoga class didn't start out well. The teacher yelled at me for being late. I wasn't late. I was 5 minutes early. She said I should have been 15 minutes early so I could be all set up with my mat, blankets, blocks and strap and sitting cross-legged before class begins. This is a school where sometimes the teachers are late. It was raining. I didn't want to stand out in the rain with my bike (which I bring into the building) waiting for the teacher. I'm glad she was there before I was. I just smiled and set up my props. She grouched at me again for getting a strap that she thought was too short. That was the only size available. I assuaged her by getting another strap. I know what I'm like when I'm grouchy. We're all entitled to be irrational now and then.

The cool thing was that I was able to do all of the asanas she chose for that lesson. I stood on my head, I did shoulder stand. I did the twists. I did all of it. Then she told us what we'll do next week -- a bunch of the asanas I can't do. Nevertheless I left feeling rather good about the progress I've been making with my body since being hit by a car.

I decided to try the new Vinyasa Yoga class at my gym. I got there ten minutes early. The teacher was late. She was gorgeous. If she has any spare bodies hanging in her closet, I'd be happy to wear one. She looked about 20. She was strong. She was flexible. And I couldn't do half of what she was teaching. She did a bunch of chatarangas. That's like a plank push up, but your shoulders are only as high as your heels and everything is held parallel to the floor. Only your toes and hands are on the floor. I can't hold that even for a second. Then she did something that started out innocently enough. Stand on your right foot. Bend the left leg so your left foot crosses your left thigh right above the knee. Bend your right knee into a one-legged chair pose. So far, so good. Now, lean forward and put your hands on the floor. That's where my balance went blewey. Back to one-legged chair pose. The rest of the class followed along. Now put your left knee on your right elbow and stretch your right leg off towards your left. Balance on your hands. Foo! This is not what I want from my body. I want to be flexible. I want to be strong. I do not want to be a pretzel. And most of all, I want to stop hurting.

It's been over 5 months. I'm doing my strengthening exercises and stretches daily. And I still hurt. Last time I was in this much pain (from arthritis) I went to the rehab department and asked for microcurrent. It reduced my pain and increased my range of motion. I went too often. I lost strength in my legs. I severely limited my vacation by having to hoist myself up monuments with a cane. It took over 2 months of hard work to get my strength back. And I never thought I'd use microcurrent again.

But this morning, I got over my ego-snit and called the woman who did the microcurrent last time and left a message on her machine. I'd like two more treatments -- if she's willing to see me. So far she hasn't called back.

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