Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Dog is My Evil Twin

I didn't pick out my dog. My previous dog picked him out at the animal shelter. I have no idea what she saw in him. The shelter said he was house-trained. He's not. They said he gets along with other dogs. Aside from my previous dog, he's hostile to other dogs.
And he's a traffic hazard.

He seems to know where I want to be, and he gets in the way. He's especially good at knowing when I'm going to step backwards, in which direction. He's there for me to trip on.

I was raised with the commandment: Thou shalt not be inconvenient. His motto seems to be the opposite.

And to make matters weirder. He loves going to the vet. When I walk him by the neighborhood vet's or the groomer's (he doesn't need grooming) at 6 in the morning, or 8 in the evening he tries to break in.

Lately, he's become a picky eater. The grocery store discontinued his favorite brand. It was the store label food for senior dogs. He doesn't like any of the brand name senior dog foods. He's 17. He's not active. He needs low fat senior dog food.

All I want when I go for a walk, is a pleasant jaunt through my neighborhood, maybe picking up some trash. What he wants is a chance to bark at all the other dogs, inside or outside their homes, and a chance to sniff the garbage and the trees and the stoops. In other words -- he's not out for a jaunt -- he's out for a sniff and growl.

If there's some sort of moral to this story, it's beyond me. At least we're not conjoined twins. I only have to deal with him when I'm home.

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