Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sizes Have Changed, Softball Use Has, too.

The skin on my left shoulder and upper arm is numb, as a side-effect of the collar bone surgery. Not a big deal, but my bra straps and swimsuit straps fall down and I don't know about it unless I look. I decided to buy a new swimsuit with straps that criss-cross my back. I usually buy a size 8 blouse. but to be sure, I checked the sizing chart on the swimsuit website. I needed to order the size 9/10 swimsuit. It fits. Chalk up one for the success chart.

Then I noticed that my jeans are wearing out. So I decided to order a couple more pairs. Thinking I knew what I was doing, I ordered size 10. Hah! There's room in these size 10 jeans for me and my little dog, too. So, I decided to look at the sizing chart on the website. Their size 6 is slightly big -- I like my jeans a little loose so I can wear shorts under them for yoga class, or thermal underwear for a winter bike ride. Size 6. I know expensive women's clothing has smaller size numbers. But jeans? I sent back the 10's and ordered the size 6. They fit.

Moral of the story: always check the sizing chart on every website.

Meanwhile, I found a good yoga video website --you only get to watch one video free:

Note: if you have RealPlayer
Free download here:

you can save the video to your hard drive. A little box will pop up on top of the video showing a download link.

(note: I have no connection with this website and nobody gets a commission)

I decided to watch the hip video because I've got hip arthritis and since the accident my left hip has been painful and ornery. The woman in the video does some good warmups. Then she did something I've never seen before. She put what look like yellow softballs under the dimples in her buttocks and rocked her knees back and forth. So simple. And, Wow! I highly recommend this. I have white softballs. Color clearly doesn't matter. Tennis balls would probably work, too. I even tried the warmups with the balls under my backside. I like that, also.

I usually carry a pair of softballs when I travel -- in order to access pressure points to relieve pain. I had no idea these balls could be used for massage. Consider this an unsolicited endorsement for unconventional use of softballs.


  1. Great blog. I just came across is from a blog directory. I noticed that your blog is about staying fit past 60 (which is awesome!) and I saw that the jeans you ordered were huge!!!

    Can that be good thing like your leaning out in a healthy way?

    Good luck on your future goals and I hope to come back and see your progress and what you're up to. Thanks!

  2. Dear Weight Loss Exercises,
    Just to make clear. I haven't lost weight, nor do I want to. The sizing of jeans has changed since I last ordered some. It is now necessary to read the sizing information on every website to know what size to order. Good luck with your exercises.