Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on my Mom's Computer Problems

When we last visited my mother and her computer, the computer would not turn on no matter which outlet she plugged it into. Her monitor turned on. Her cordless phone turned on. But her new computer wouldn't even blink the light on its belly button at her. We thought the problem was her computer. The manufacturer, with whom we have a warranty, thought it was the computer. The manufacturer said they'd ship a new computer. They didn't ship and they didn't ship.
The phone representative tried to tell me that they had to burn all her programs onto her hard drive. I told him that there are drive images with the programs included and all the company does is pick the correct image and burn it to the hard drive. Nobody sits there installing software. He agreed with me, but seemed surprised that I would know such a thing.
Then the computer company called my mom and told her it would be another 9 days before they could ship. And my mom started having more electrical problems in her house. She hired an electrician. Suddenly her computer came on.
I called the computer company and told them not to ship. They said it was too late to stop the order. They promised to email me the fedex tracking number when it shipped. No, it had not shipped yet, but it was too late to stop shipment.
This morning my mom left a message for me on my machine Fedex had called her. The computer will arrive tomorrow.
I called Fedex to return the computer to the sender. Fedex said it was too late to stop the shipment, but maybe they can prevent it from being delivered to my mom's house. If they can't do that, she can refuse the shipment if she's home when the truck arrives. But if she's not home, the driver might leave it at a neighbor's. If that happens, I can call the computer manufacturer and get a pick up tag. My mom will have to be home for the pickup.
I still don't see why a computer that hasn't been shipped can't be stopped at any point before it's picked up from the loading dock. It has to be assembled. The only custom things are what's on the hard drive and how much RAM it has. It has to be put into a box. The box has to be put on the loading dock. At each point, a message could pop up on the computer screens that no doubt accompany the entire process and say HALT! But this manufacturer of computers doesn't seem to be computerized itself.

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