Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting a Refund on a Product that Doesn't Work

I'm doing research on bridges for a story I'm writing. I found a great website on bridges. Since owners of great websites sometimes take them down, I thought it would be a good idea if I downloaded the website to my external hard drive. I found several programs that can do such a feat. One of these programs was being sold by a company I've dealt with before. I decided to get that one.

Long story short. The software didn't work. I wrote the company tech support. They told me I wasn't connected to the internet and that's why it didn't work. How did they think I got their software in the first place? Immaculate surrogate conception?

There is plenty I'm not connected to, but the internet is not on that list.

I wrote them back -- of course I'm connected to the internet -- via cable no less.

They wrote back telling me to install my antivirus program. Like I'm really going to do that? I wrote them telling them that is not an option.

They told me to put the software on another computer. I don't own another computer.

They asked for screen-cuts of each of the set-up screens and the error message I got when the site failed to download. I sent them that.

They wrote back -- you must not be connected to the internet.

I was not going through this a second time. The first iteration took over a week, andI still want to download that bridges site. I asked for a refund.

They wrote back that they don't give refunds on this product.

I used whois to find the owners of the domain site, and wrote to them.

The owners also said they don't refund for this product and asked if I'd like another product instead. They did admit that nowhere on their website does it say that they don't refund for this product.

I wrote them again, asking for a refund.

I wrote the tech support person, explaining that I've bought from this company before, and if he wants our business relationship to continue, he will get me a refund.

A day later, the tech support man wrote back, saying my refund is on its way.

I don't have the refund yet, but I think they will send it.

This is the last time I'll use my debit card online. Credit cards will do battle for me if I wind up with a bad product.

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