Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gotta Get Back to My Former Diet

When I came home from the hospital after being hit by a car, I felt weak and lazy. I also had a full freezer.

Before the accident I served meat a few times a week. I froze the leftovers. Fresh veggie dishes almost always got consumed, and did not become frozen leftovers. For months, my husband, the alien, and I ate meat (chicken, fish, turkey, lamb) every day. When I did start cooking again, I began buying meats and cooking them daily. Now, after 6 months of this, I've started noticing a difference. I feel sluggish. My heart rate goes up faster when I start exercise. I just don't feel like me.

People kept asking me if I'd eaten anything unusual. I kept saying, "No. I'm not eating anything new." But then I started thinking about it. It's not just the daily meat. I was also snacking on bread (whole wheat bread) instead of nuts and fruit. I hadn't bought seaweed from the Asian market in months -- it used to be a regular treat.

I knew I hadn't felt right since the accident. Perhaps I've been doing it to myself.
As of today, I'm going back on my old diet. I took 6 months to get myself into this mess. I don't expect an instant recovery. It's just odd that I didn't notice what I'd done to my diet until I really thought about it.

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