Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Ouchercises

I’ve got new ouchercises to do – and that’s a good thing.

Young PT knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t lecture me about how he’s got patients in much worse shape, and tell me to be happy with what I’ve got. He’s not afraid to give me exercises that are hard and exercises that hurt.

I’ve told him – I didn’t get this strong and this flexible without a lot of pain. I understand pain. There’s a difference between scary pain and healing pain.

The Rotten Rehab Doc, who initially sent me to Young PT, inflicted scary pain, claiming he was examining me. He has never explained why he hit my shins repeatedly with the big yellow mallet, or why he did not stop when I asked. I sent him a letter telling him how frightened I was that he was going to break my legs, how terrifying the pain was. He didn’t write back.

I would have let it go – just a bad apple doctor to avoid. But when I was in the hospital after the accident, I learned that RRD was mentoring new doctors. If I have any say in the matter, he should be the last of his kind. Not mentoring new MDs.

I wrote RRD one more time, asking not only for an explanation but also asking him to sign my informed consent document. I figure informed consent goes both ways, and I have rules about proper conduct in providing medical care, like stopping an exam when I say so. He did not respond. I then wrote his department chair, telling him what happened, and asking that RRD be supervised. The chair’s office called me to let me know the chair would talk with RRD.

After that, I tried to make an appointment with Young PT. He did not return my calls.

I tried two other rehab centers. I did the exercises. The other PTs helped strengthen my leg and shoulder, but I am still in pain and still have limited range of motion. I wanted to see Young PT. If anybody can help me, he can.

So, I wrote the President of the Hospital, telling him that the rehab department was not returning my calls. He wrote back that he has a new policy – calls will be returned. Then I called the head of the Rehab PT department. She returned my call. She got me an appointment with Young PT.

I have new ouchercises! Yay! And Ouch! They hurt. They make my hip ache and my left leg shakes while I do them. And they have the possibility for healing. Who knew I'd need political skills to get physical therapy?

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