Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Campaign Debit Card Swipes

I just looked at my checking account history online. I do this so my bank won't kill trees to send my statements through the mail. There are scans of my checks, front and back. And there were also some unexpected charges. Two times on December 16, 2009, the Obama campaign took $5 using the debit card that I gave them donations with during the campaign.

Here's what the entry looked like:


On December 21, they gave the money back. The Obama campaign had my email address. They did not notify me of this unauthorized money-grab. And they did not notify me when they returned their ill-gotten gains.

I called the phone number in the listing. I was transferred to Molly's answering machine. I asked her machine to please remove my debit card from the system. I gave her my phone number to call me when she has done so.

I also called the main Obama campaign number. There a woman assured me that the Obama campaign doesn't keep records of people's credit and debit cards. I told her they must have them in the computer somewhere -- how else could they have made two unauthorized charges? She finally said that if they keep these records she has no access to them. She had heard there was a problem, but it's all fixed now.

No, it's not. So long as my debit card is recorded in that database, there is a possibility that it can happen again. This time it was $10. Who knows what it might be next time.

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