Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dragons and Eagles and Seals, Oh My

I usually bike around Philadelphia. But when my niece was visiting, we walked from Chinatown to Grasso's Magic to watch 3 local magicians. En route we passed Franklin Square, which I hadn't explored before. From the sidewalk, we could see a merry-go-round. "Want to go look at the ride?" asked my niece. As we approached, it became obvious that this is no ordinary merry-go-round.

Up front is a Philly Phanatic -- don't ask me which sport he's the mascot for -- he's cute and green and I'm amazed I even know his name. I'm not a sports fan.

Then we saw the lion.

And a dragon.
A zebra and cat with a fish in its mouth.

A seal.

An elephant.

An eagle.

And of course there are horses.

Franklin Square is at 7th an Race in downtown Philadelphia. It has bike parking, and it's not far from several bus routes.


  1. These are just astounding. So, so beautiful. The horses are in different positions and the other animals are breathtaking. The dragon is my favorite and the cat with the fish is kind of scary.

  2. Great photos, thanks. The dragon and some of the others are new to me, but I fondly remember the cat with the fish from childhood days on San Francisco and/or Santa Cruz carousels.