Monday, May 10, 2010

Stupid Details Day

Today was Stupid Details Day.

I rented a car to go to my appointment with the surgeon.

I showed up on time.

But our surgeon had moved to a different office two weeks earlier. Nobody notified me.
The receptionist at the old office called the new office and they said I still had my 8:15 AM appointment. The new office is biking distance from my house. I didn’t need to rent that car. But now I needed to drive downtown where there are never parking places, in order to get to the appointment on time.

I drove downtown to the new office.

Lo and behold – there was an empty parking space. I should have been suspicious, but I looked for signs and there were none.

I tried to feed the parking kiosk to get a timed permit. The Kiosk would not accept either cash or credit card. One of the other drivers assured me that parking was free until 10AM.
I went to the doctor’s appointment.

No, it was not scheduled, but the receptionist assured me that the doctor would see me.
Around 9:10, I was taken back to see the doctor.

He wants me to see a heart specialist to be sure my heart is strong enough for the surgery and spend about 3 hours in the pre-op center having who-knows-what done. Nobody will tell me what goes on in there. For 3 hours.

I got appointments with a heart specialist and the pre-op folks.

I went outside and my rented car, that I should never have rented, had a ticket. $51.
And it’s not my car. So I emailed the rental car company to find out how to fight it without getting them involved.

Meanwhile the rental car company is mad at me over my previous rental. My husband, the alien, who is NEVER early for anything was early picking up the truck we rented to get manure for our backyard garden. I know the car rental people don’t like it when you get a car back late, because that can make the next person’s schedule a mess. But I didn’t know they’d be angry about picking up a car 13 minutes early.

They fined me $30 for this infraction of rules. And when I complained, they said that the $30 isn’t just a penalty for picking up the car early. They need the money to pay somebody to explain why there is a fine. I wrote them back that the logic here is circular. If there was no penalty, then they wouldn’t need to hire somebody to explain the penalty. They claim the rules are available online and I should read them. I tried to explain that rules that make no sense should be dropped.

Today is not my day. It is Stupid Details Day.

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