Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Real Reason You Can't Bring Water on an Airplane

My husband, the alien, figured it out:

The real reason you can't bring water on an airplane.
The TSA employees are really wicked witches of the west and they are afraid they'll dissolve if we throw water on them.


  1. It is simple chemistry! Every one of those water molecules is really a very dangerous explosive device. Just hook up a battery smuggled in your undergarments, pull the wires out of your bra (we all know women are really the bombers of the world), hook them up, dissociate the water, and then you have both explosive hydrogen gas and plenty of oxygen to help make it go boom. See, the TSA knows best! Water is very dangerous!

    Is Still Here (snicker, snicker …)

    I hope they can take a joke, I really don’t want to end up going through that search next time I fly!

  2. I did that electrolysis demo when I taught chemistry. Good thing this isn't published under my real name.

  3. I have a plaque on my desk right where I can see it. It says, "I have not been the same since tht house fell on my SISTER." It makes me chuckle.

  4. Well, you CAN bring water aboard. You just can't carry through the security checkpoint. The REAL reason is obviously a conspiracy between the TSA and the airport vendors to force passengers to buy all their refreshments from the latter (like the movie theater rules that force you to buy their overpriced snacks instead of bringing your own).

  5. Alison: Goof thing you don'r work for TSA - thay have no sense of humor.

    Margaret: You can bring an empty bottle through TSA security and fill it in the restroom. This only prooves my pont == TSA can't be exposed to water.

    Thank you for playing!