Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recovery Notes

1) I can taste chocolate again. After the surgery, my husband, the alien, tried to cheer me up with a piece of chocolate and I couldn’t taste it. Anesthetics change your sense of taste.

2) I can taste horseradish again. I never imagined horseradish could taste mild. It’s no fun that way.

3) My chiropractor finally noticed that the accident knocked my pelvis out of alignment – now he’s working to straighten it. This process hurts, but in the long run, I expect to be in less pain.

4) The narcotics I took for 36 hours after the surgery gave me a short vacation from the pain in my hip. Now I know why my docs kept offering me pain meds. And I was reminded why I refused them. I much prefer having my brain. For me: no pain = no brain.

5) I was feeling better this morning, so I took off the sling that is “for my comfort” not my health, and did a belly dancing exercise lesson. I put that sling back on again right away. I needed it for my comfort.

6) I wore that sling to the gym to ride the stationery bicycle. I’m not allowed to ride mine for several weeks after the surgery. I suspect lifting it would tear the stitches over my collar bone. I also used the inner and outer thigh machine. I can still do 30 reps with 80 lbs, even after a week away from the machine.

7) My massage therapist and I agreed not to meet this week. I can’t lie on my belly. She suggested that I take arnica montana 30c. I like it a lot better than narcotics.

8) As soon as I felt free of narcotics, I felt a desire to cook. I made Chicken India with Peaches, chicken soup, lasagne with walnuts (no meat), and stir-fried veggies with tofu. My freezer is now stocked for a while. It was fun to have my kitchen serve as a three-ring circus. Chopping here, stirring there, baking the other place.

9) I can’t lift my old dog down the stairs, so he can’t have walks except when my husband, the alien, is home. I also can’t buy groceries because I can’t carry them home even with a cart because I can’t lift the cart onto a bus.

10) I’m taking the bus everywhere – the so-called every-15-minutes bus that runs near my house took 45 minutes to arrive this morning. It didn’t get me to the gym on time for my early morning Pilates class. I really want to be on my bike again so I can get places quickly.

My mail man saw me wearing the sling and asked, “Did you get in another accident?”
I answered, “No. This is a good thing. I got the metal screws and plates out of my shoulder. I’m getting my life back.”


  1. Just curious: is the recipe for Çhicken India with peaches one I gave you years ago? That was the first thing I made for Walt way back then. Remember working on the cookbook? Every dinner was a surprise. If it was good, it made it into the book.

  2. No pain = no brain. I agree. You made good choices.

  3. Thank you. Yes, Sharyn, it's your recipe. In fact I just received an email from my cousin Tom that he's planning to make that recipe as soon as he gets home from his current trip. It's one of our favorites. Is it okay with you if I publish the recipe here in the blog? Do you want your full name on it? You totally deserve all the fans this recipe creates.

  4. Um, I think I better have that recipe too, geezer-chick! And I love that you and I now feel the same way about cooking: a blitz! I made yellow split pea puree with honey-sweetened eggplant compote yesterday -- doesn't that sound lovely? And it was! Oh I am so glad you can taste and move and feel like your old self, even if only in spurts.