Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Technical Support Victory

Last month, I bought a new computer, with a Windows 7 operating system. I downloaded RealPlayer. It worked well with youtube. But I like to download the free magic tricks from It played the audio but not the video on these downloads. That’s not much use when I’m trying to learn a magic trick.

I emailed RealPlayer. They told me to do a complete uninstall, redownload the program and start over.

The problem persisted.

They told me to do another complete uninstall, download an earlier version of the program, put it into administrator mode, and try again.

The problem persisted.

They told me to go to the online chat and let one of their technicians take over my computer to try to fix it. I did so. I waited in the queue for half an hour. My queue got cancelled. I tried again the next morning. I reached a chat person who told me I had to try again in 3 hours because none of the level 2 technicians were available. He then told me it was a pleasure to serve me and he hoped I was fully satisfied with the help I’d received.

I told him he had to be kidding. My problem wasn’t solved and there was nobody there who was going to help me. He apologized.

4 hours later, I got hold of a technician who took over my computer. But the software he had didn’t give him full control. Other windows kept getting in front of our chat box. I had to keep taking control and handling dialogue boxes that came up, and then bringing the chat box to the front again.

Plus, my technician had an XP computer so he couldn’t duplicate my problem.

Suddenly during our chat, a box from Adobe popped onto the screen announcing a new version of Adobe Flash was available. Did I want it? I clicked YES. After the download and install, suddenly RealPlayer worked. I could see the magic videos.

Of course I was fully satisfied. That lucky technician will probably get a glowing report at the end of his shift.

We're the humans. We get to win.

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