Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Odd Conversations with my Massage Therapist

My massage therapist has become bossy, as if she has the right to tell me how to live my life.

“Maybe you shouldn’t exercise so much.”

“I’m exercising an hour less per day now that my dog is dead and I can’t walk him.”

“Still, maybe you shouldn’t exercise so much at this stage in your recovery.”

She knows I bike all over town, to clients’ homes to work on their computers, to the gym for yoga and Pilates and swimming. And my living room is a mini-gym with my tramoline and free weights, and exercise video collection.

Then she happily told me about how she spent 4 hours the day before crawling around an the floor with her new ferret. 

“That’s exercise,” I told he triumphantly.

“It’s not organized,” she said, as if she had me on a technical point.

“Who said exercise has to be organized?”

She gave up.  Then she said, “I quit riding my bike because I can’t afford to be hurt.”

Okay, I thought. That’s one way to look at it.  But before I could say anything, she started talking about the whiplash injury she got when her car was in an accident.  She had a headache for 3 years. She had days when she couldn’t work. Even today, she has to be careful not to bounce or the headache will come back.

This time I decided there was no point in responding. If she can’t see that cars get in accidents too, I’m not going to tell her. 

Her final bit of wisdom was to check out a Feldenkrais class at a gym near me.  I called the gym and I'll be checking it out tomorrow. 


  1. The other day I tripped on the dog getting out of bed. I think I should just stay in bed from now on ;-)!

    Next time just tell her “it is called life”, get back on your bike, ride off into the sunset and enjoy yourself.

    Is Still Here

  2. This massage therapist is a friend, and she is helping me increase the range of motion in my hip that got hit by a car. She's just bossy. As Byron Katie says, "I look forward to my MT being bossy again." I don't have to do anything she says. It's okay to let her vent.

  3. Hope I didn’t offend. Way too outspoken for my own good sometimes.

  4. Surviving, I'm very hard to offend. Don't worry about it. I don't expect my friends to agree with me, or keep the same hours I do. Please feel free to say anything you want in response to my blogs. And I will do the same on yours.