Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yoga with Props

I’m just back from vacation in Kentucky.  More about that in future blogs.  My friend Jean (who sometimes blogs in this space) arranged for me to attend yoga classes at her wellness center.

The teacher asked if I’d done yoga before.  I told her I go 2 or 3 times a week.  She waved her arms at the assortment of props (blankets, soft bricks, straps) and said, “Then you won’t need these.”

“Yes I will,” I explained.  “I’m in rehab yoga.”

Blank stares.  

I took 4 blankets, 2 soft bricks and a strap, as well as a sticky mat.

The teacher’s eyes focused on the blankets.

“I need to sit on the blankets during sitting exercises. My hip got hurt when I was hit by a car.  We call it the Princess on the Pea position.”

None of the other students used props.  The teacher didn’t demonstrate how to use the props.

Suddenly I was a curiosity.  I sat on blankets.  I put a brick under one hip during pigeon. I use a strap when I can’t reach my feet.  

When it came time for shivasana (final relaxation), the other students wanted blankets.  I passed mine out to nearby students.  

“You’re willing to share?”

“I only needed them for the sitting exercises.”

After the 2nd class, the teacher said, “I wish they’d send the yoga teachers for rehab training.”

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  1. A teacher willing to learn is a true teacher. Hope she gets to take the rehab training.