Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artificial Sweetener and Total Lack of Cooperation

My husband enjoys a good bowl of jello – the real kind with sugar.  He is repulsed by the flavor of the stuff with artificial sweeteners.  That’s the only kind the hospital has. And there is no way to request the other kind.  Such a minor problem – it’s almost nice to have a minor problem.

They promised to move him out of the ICU to a quieter room. That didn’t happen.  But they did move out the man in the room next door who kept screaming at invisible people. So, his room so his room is quieter.

The evil night nurse who withholds help for my husband by ignoring the Help Light and postponing help when I go to him in person isn’t my husband’s nurse any more.  My husband needed a new suction device.  The nurse who changed his bed accidentally dropped his on the floor and told him not to use it because it was dirty. She said she’d get a clean one.  She, like the rest of the staff at this hospital, seems to have a 5-second attention span. She never came back with a clean suction tip.  My husband pushed the Help button. Nobody came.  I went out and asked for a suction tip.  It was change of shift time. Day nurse who was leaving was talking to evil night nurse who was arriving.  I again asked for the suction tip.  I was told soon. I gave them another 10 minutes. My husband was getting desperate. I went out again. This time day nurse got a suction tip.  As she was about to enter my husband’s room, night nurse told her “leave it on the cabinet. I’ll take it in when I check on him.”  The day nurse sat down and continued to chat with the incoming night nurse.  At this point, I picked up the dirty suction gadget off the floor and gave it to my husband who needed it.  The next day I talked to the nursing supervisor.  Evil night nurse is not my husband’s nurse any more!

Supposedly, my husband will get solid food tomorrow, IFF somebody authorizes it.

He still has the catheter, but he has started a new drug that is supposed to restore bladder function. He has to take it for 2 or 3 days for it to take effect.

He went for a longer walk. He’s stronger.  They took him off telemetry, but he’s still on drip and they still take blood samples regularly.  He’s out of forearm veins that work, so they’re using upper arm veins. It took 3 tries for the nurse to fill one tube.  His arms are still puffed up and red from the allergic reaction to the heart rhythm iv drug.

Today he asked for a book to read.  He didn’t like the one I brought, so tomorrow I’ll bring two others.  He can’t concentrate for long, so I’m bringing two books on his favorite subject: chemistry. Gotta go to bed. I’m exhausted and I need to be at the hospital at 7 AM tomorrow if I want a chance to talk to his doctors. 

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