Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wobble Pillow

I’ve been sitting on a wobble pillow for about a year now.  Sitting still hurts, but sitting on a wobble pillow is comfortable. It’s exercising and sitting at the same time, while I get other work done.

My chiropractor suggested I stand on the thing.  He says it will be good for my balance. Balance comes from strength. Strength comes from exercise.  And I must have some weak muscles or I wouldn’t be in such pain.  That last statement seems like guesswork.  But a new form of exercise, using equipment I already have – what’s not to like?

First, I don’t like the texture of the plastic wobble pillow against the bottoms of my feet.  So, I put a towel around it.

Second, I don’t like the risk of falling.  The video of the woman, that comes with the wobble pillow, shows her just stepping up onto it in the middle of the room.  That woman must have way better balance than I have!  So, I moved the pillow over by the bannister.

Third, I wobble.  The video claims that if you have good balance, you can stand still on the wobble pillow.  I don’t fall. I’d have said I have good balance.  The wobble pillow says otherwise.

I thought I was getting stronger. I have mastered standing on one foot with my eyes closed for 20 seconds - not necessarily on the first try on any given day – but I can do it.

So, now I have another new exercise.  Stand on my wobble pillow.  I’ll know I’m really good when I can do it with my eyes closed.

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