Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Learning Experience

I always thought that people who claimed unpleasant events were “learning experiences” were trying to put a nice face on pain.

But I’m experiencing that the slipped disc I got two weeks ago is indeed a “learning experience.”

My chiropractor has taught me some exercises that are helping me to walk with better balance. I’m learning that I have walked mostly on my right leg since getting hit by a car on while riding my bike.  The physical therapist told me that my right leg is stronger than my left leg, but he didn’t have any guesses why. I wasn’t complaining about my walking.  Now I feel like I’m learning to walk all over again.

I used to climb my stairs two-at-a-time.  I haven’t got the strength in either leg to do that right now. I’m healing.  But the thing is that when I walk, I feel like I’m leaning to the left.  But when I look in the mirror, I’m straight.  So, for the past 18 months, I’ve been leaning to the right when I walk, and not feeling off balance, when I was off balance.  It’s surprising I didn’t fall over before now.  

I don’t walk more than a few miles at a time. I usually ride my bike. But I walk to the grocery store. I live in a house with stairs. I need two strong legs.

It’s possible that my right leg did most of the work on my bike. I’m only pedaling the stationery bike at the gym since I got the slipped disc.  My chiropractor says that hitting a pothole would be painful and I want to avoid pain – there’s no way to avoid potholes in Philadelphia.

Once I learn to walk in balance again, I should be stronger than before the slipped disc.  That is a worthwhile learning experience.  Yes a slipped disc hurts.  I’m not putting a nice face on pain. I’m putting a nice face on learning how to avoid pain in the future. Better balance means less pain.

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