Friday, December 24, 2010

Pegleg Pirate Bends a Knee

Until this morning, when I got out of bed, or out of a chair, I walked like a pegleg pirate, my left hip and knee held stiff, for the first 20 steps or so.

So, I went to the web.  I found a certified Feldenkrais teacher downtown and sent him an email listing my body problems.  I figured I may as well do my best to scare him off in the beginning.

He wrote back – he thinks he can help me.

The first exercise he gave me didn’t have a name.  I’ll call it the rectangle wobble.

Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart.  Draw a rectangle from between your big toe and the 2nd toe on your left foot down to the center of the heel on your left foot, then across to the center of the heel on your right foot, up to the point between your big toe and 2nd toe on your right foot, and back again to the starting point on your left foot.

Now, stand vertically. Do not move your hips side to side. Do not bend your spine. Wobble side to side inside this rectangle. Start at the back of the heels and work forwards. Side to side, a little bit forwards, side to side, a little bit forwards, and so on. Work your way all the way to the front of the rectangle and back again several times.  It takes less than a minute.  And – ta-da – I can walk, almost as easily as before my injuries.

I just wanted to share this exercise with anybody who might be able to use it.  I feel like I’m exaggerating to call it an exercise. It’s a gentle wobble. It works!  Hurray!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is always lovely to hear how simple, gentle Feldenkrais lessons can increase the possibilities for moving and thinking with ease!

    Mary Morrison -Feldenkrais Practitioner