Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Strap Around My Hips in Yoga

My Sunday yoga teacher looks out for me.  It bothers her that I often leave class in pain.  No matter that I often arrive in pain – she says yoga should help me feel better.  My Sunday yoga teacher referred me to her yoga teacher, who has a beginning class on Tuesdays.  I already have two yoga teachers that I often go to on Tuesdays, but meeting my yoga teacher’s teacher had promise.

Sunday yoga teacher wrote to her teacher telling her to expect me.  

When I introduced myself, she responded, “broken collar bone.”  

“Yes, and ouchy hip.”

This got me a quizzical look.  

“Hit by a car, and arthritis.”

Next thing I knew, she was lowering loops of yoga straps over my head. These are the straps we use to hold our feet when we do stretches and aren’t flexible to reach our toes with our hands.

She cinched the loops around my hips at the height where the femur heads sit in the hip sockets.

“Do you mind if I ask what these do?”

Several of the other students laughed.

Most of the yoga was standing poses.  Standing poses are what send me home sore from yoga.

This time, when I took off the straps, I was barely sore at all.  Amazing.

The teacher said to wear a strap for 2 hours a day, daily and in a week, I’ll notice that I’m in less pain in general.  She also said to do standing poses every day, and to do the ones where the feet point in different directions with my legs on a diagonal.  The diagonal feet allow my pelvis to face forward instead of twisting.

Today I wore my yoga strap around my hips to Pilates class. I wore it when I walked to the grocery store.  I’ve been wearing it for over 2 hours.  The only trouble I’ve had is getting it up off my hips to use the toilet, and then getting it back in place. I’ll be sitting to do my work for the rest of the day, so there’s no point in wearing the strap now.  

I’ll put it on again to do standing yoga asanas this evening. This is a great invention.  Who knew?  A yoga strap as a garment to make hip arthritis more comfortable.  I already emailed my Sunday yoga teacher. Now she wants me to enroll in a class with her yoga teacher.  Seems like a good idea.

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