Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going to Yoga With a Cane

As I worked my way down the icy sidewalk, slowly, with my cane, a woman about my age offered to help me.  I thanked her, and continued on my way.  She turned in at the yoga studio and was closing the door when I arrived.  Her eyes expressed surprise to see me enter as well.  Am I the only person in history to go to a yoga class using a cane?

I can’t bike there – the streets are clogged with snow and ice.  I don’t dare walk without my cane. It’s not just my hip. The sidewalks are slick with ice where people have shoveled, and mounded with snow where people have not.  The buses have been rerouted because of the snow and ice, so they no longer go near my house or the yoga studio.  If I’m going to go to yoga class, I’m going to walk there. And if I’m going to walk there, I’m going to need my cane.

In class, I did all the balance poses up against the wall.  When I lost my balance, I bumped the light switch.  Embarrassing, yes.  But no pain. No slipped disk. No bruising.

Yoga isn’t just for the young and fit and flexible.

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