Friday, January 7, 2011

It Wasn't Broken After All

Last night, while I was cooking dinner in my microwave, it just quit. Light went out, the tray stopped turning. Poof. Good thing I was cooking in glass, so it was easy to transfer to the real oven.

I did the obvious. I checked the circuit breakers in the basement. I unplugged and replugged it. That puppy wouldn’t spin.

Then I started planning meals – what would I make for dinner?  I’m spoiled. I have the freezer section of my fridge packed with little plastic boxes of portioned meals. When I cook, I plan to fill between 2 and 6 boxes for future meals. You can’t put plastic boxes in a regular oven, or even into a pressure cooker.  I was going to have to thaw the food, transfer it to an oven-safe container and heat it the long way.

How would I make my morning cocoa?  I decided to use the double boiler.

I ride my bike or take the bus.  Neither is a sensible way to transport a microwave.  All the easy-to-get-to appliance shops have gone out of business. It’s much easier to order from the web than risk slipping on the ice carrying a heavy bulky box.

Reluctantly I went online, found a model I liked and ordered it.  Not a planned expense. This microwave was only 3 years old.  I’m used to getting 15 years out of a microwave – kind of like a hot water heater.  But I’m addicted to the quick and easy modern kitchen: microwave, blender, electric mixer.

I truly felt I’d be roughing it until the new microwave arrived.   I would have to go back to the cooking ways of the previous century, or even 2 centuries ago.

Then in the morning, I decided to give the microwave one more try.  It worked!  

I called the webstore and cancelled my order.  

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