Monday, February 21, 2011

Geezer Weight-Lifting Class

The first time I attended a Geezer Weight-Lifting Class, it was my mom’s class. I was still in my 40's.  My girls had tried and had to leave before it was over.  So had their cousins.  When we were able to finish the class, everybody congratulated my husband, the alien.  He was the first man EVER to do all hour’s worth of weight lifting.  Nobody congratulated me.  Maybe that was because I said, “That is no old-lady weight-lifting class!”

I usually do 15 or 20 minute exercise videos.  Every 15 minutes like clockwork, I kept looking up at the clock, wondering when this class would be over.  I was glad I’d picked up 3-lb weight as well as my usual 5-lbs. I can only do so many lateral raises before my arms feel tired.

At that time, I didn’t belong to a gym. When I finally did join one, I tended to take the classes for younger women – 20's 30's, maybe 40's.  Let me tell you – these are easier classes, than my mom’s Geezer Weight-Lifting Class.

That was until the Pilates teacher decided to make the Saturday morning class into an expert workout.  For two weeks in a row, I ached for hours afterwards.  That is not what I work out for. I checked the schedule for other Saturday morning classes.  And, sure enough, there was Geezer Weight-Lifting.  Okay they don’t call it that, but there’s no mistaking the clientelle.

Again, I grabbed my regular 5 lbs and a set of fall-back 3-lbs.  Despite my years of weight lifting since my mom’s class, I needed those fall-back 3-lbs.  Arms to the sides, parallel to the floor. Bend the elbows bringing the forearms to right angles with the floor. Now rotate the shoulder joints bringing the elbows together, keeping the upper arms parallel to the floor and the forearms vertical.  Repeat 10 times.

“That was no old-lady weight-lifting class.”  

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