Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning to Climb Stairs with my New Hip

It’s been months, maybe a year, since I’ve climbed stairs like a normal person. I’ve been doing what my PT calls “step to.”  I step up one step with my strong leg, bring my weak leg to the same step, and repeat.  For going down, I step down with my weak leg, bring my strong leg to the same step and repeat. I hold the banister both ways.

Now I have a new hip. I want to climb and descend steps like a normal person. My weak leg ouches and grouches and balks.   I talked about this recalcitrant leg with Balance Guy.  BG suggested that I pretend I’m going to teach an actor to climb stairs the way I do. Pay close attention to exactly what I’m doing as my leg does its uncooperative movements.  He promised that by paying close attention to the weakness and wobbliness that I’d learn how to correct it. 

He was right.  Today I went to the shallow set of steps (much shorter than my home stairs) near the Ma and Pa grocery store three blocks from where I live.  I walked there without my cane. I was able to climb up the steps without holding the banister, and without using “step to.”  I needed the banister going down, but again, I did not need to “step to.”

I marvel at how weak this leg has become, but in one day, I’ve made progress.

The goal remains – go up and down my home steps like a normal person, not holding the banister.

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