Monday, May 16, 2011

Gross Looking Exercises

Sometimes the most effective exercises look gross.  Okay suggestive. And I don’t mean belly dancing.

Balance Guy showed me an exercise to help free up my left hip which is restricted by scar tissue.

There will be no photo in this essay because the words are revealing enough.

Stand in front of a table or counter top.

Put your hands on the surface.

Lean forwards, placing the weight of your upper body on your hands.

Straddle your feet at least two feet apart – more if you can do it.

Move your hips in an arc, right to left and back again. As you move to the left, bend your left knee forward. Straighten again as you go back. As you move to the right, bend your right knee forward. Straighten again as you move back to the center of the arc.

Once you are able to move smoothly through this arc, pause on the left.  Rotate around the left hip, several times clockwise, then several times counter-clockwise.  Again move through the arc. Pause on the right. Rotate around the right hip clockwise several times, then counter-clockwise.

Do the rotations slowly, feeling for any places that are sticky or that your muscles tend to jump through.  Move back and forwards through those areas.  Repeat.

Now, picture the fact that BG is losing weight and intends to lose more. So, he’s not buying new pants. And he’s not wearing a belt. Okay, don’t picture that.  He’s only a few years younger than I am.  There’s something about rehab that means we have to allow people to touch us in intimate ways without any intimate intent. And sometimes we have to see each other exposed in ways that are educational, even if they are gross.

It’s all good exercise.  Some of it is for the mind. Some for the body. 

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