Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Endorsements

I don’t usually use my blog space to endorse products.  However, two products I’ve enjoyed lately are worth mentioning.  I have not consulted either company. I have not received any payment to make these endorsements. I paid full retail price for the products I used.

1) Coolmax fabric
I travel with a school book bag.  No checked luggage. This book bag must hold 4 changes of clothes, my cleaning supplies, and my exercise equipment.  Clothes that squish up small, don’t wrinkle, and dry quickly are important.  Clothes that meet those three criteria and feel good when I’m sweating are rare and wonderful.  Coolmax fabric meets all of these criteria.  The weather in Costa Rica was hot, rainy and muggy. I still had dry clothes to wear every day. Nothing took over 2 days to dry.  You can get coolmax t-shirts, underpants, socks, shorts and bras from many companies, in many styles and colors.

2) The Costa Rica trip from Caravan

This is billed as a 10 day tour.  It’s really 8 days of travel and sightseeing.  The 1st night, you get dinner and a swim in the hotel pool.  The last morning, you get breakfast and a swim in the hotel pool, or a walk around town.  The 8 travel days are amazing.  Travel down jungle streams while a naturalist points out camouflaged wildlife. Tour a pineapple plantation and learn how they are grown and harvested and taste fresh picked pineapple. (Yum!)  Walk on suspended bridges through rain forests while a naturalist points out both brightly colored and camouflaged wildlife. Tour a coffee plantation and learn how coffee and cocoa are grown. Look into the crater of a volcano. Take a boat ride down a crocodile populated river and watch them as they slither and sunbathe. Visit hot springs with bubblers and artificial waterfalls that give great shoulder massages. Go body surfing in the Pacific Ocean.  And in between, listen to stories about the amazing history of Costa Rica as you ride in an air conditioned bus and refill your water bottle from the ecological 5 gallon jug.

This trip does not inclued airfare to get there. For that I recommend PriceLine (also an unpaid endorsement.)

Costa Rica had a civil war in 1948.  They got a new constitution in 1949 in which they abolished the army and decided to spend the money on education.  Everybody gets health care.  There’s a compulsory savings plan deducted from paychecks, which people can cash in every 5 years.  The country is ecological and peaceful. .  I came home wishing we could subcontract our government to Costa Rica. I’ll be posting more about this adventure in future blogs, after I sort through the photos and catch up on the details that built up while I was away

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  1. What a great start! I can't wait to see your future blogs. I'll be sending part of this to my brother. Thanks for writing it. Love, Alison