Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurray for the Magical Jellybean Keyfinder

Sometimes being a computer repair person is like being a surgeon. I’m not referring to opening up the box and swapping out dead cards or upgrading RAM.  I’m referring to delivering bad news.  The worst news is – your computer isn’t worth fixing – it would be cheaper to buy a new one.  The second worse news is – your operating system seems damaged. Let’s save your data, wipe your drive and start over with a fresh installation of your operating system.

That’s where I was this morning.  I’d backed up the data. I’d put the Windows XP CD in the drive.  The screen asked for the 25 digit Windows Installation Key Code.  The sticker on the box didn’t have a 25 digit code.  There was no code in the box where my client kept her disks and manuals.  I called her vendor and left a message on their voice mail asking for a key code.  But I’m on the clock.  I can’t sit there waiting for a returned call.

So, I went out to surf the web – Missing XP key code

And to my wonder and amazement – up popped a website with a free downloadable program to recover lost keys.

Yay for the Magical Jellybean!  I installed that program, ran it, and there on the screen appeared the 25 digit key code for Windows XP.  I entered it, and was able to proceed with the installation.

I don’t make my clients pay me to sit there for an hour while Windows installs.  I’ll go back later and check on it, and install the drivers.  If there’s any chance of saving this puter, I’ll know soon. Meanwhile – thanks again to the Magical Jellybean!  

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