Monday, August 1, 2011

Mt. Poas with my New Hip

Our first adventure day, we rode a bus most of the way up Mt. Poas, one of 7 active volcanoes in Costa Rica.  (There are also 60 dormant volcanoes.) We were given a choice of two paths to the crater.  A) through a cloud forest over hilly terrain or B) a nearly level path.  This was my first unpaved road walk with my new hip, and Jean has trouble with altitudes, so we decided on the level and slightly shorter path.  Our guide pointed out large roundish leaves as “poor man’s umbrella.”  My husband, the alien stood by one.

The path was only about half a mile. Jean and I were fine.  Our guide had warned us that the volcano might not be visible because of cloud cover.  But we had a clear sunny view.  There are advantages to being a weather witch.  The tour group that arrived about half an hour after we left called our guide to tell him that the volcano was no longer visible.  Despite repeated evidence throughout the trip (one day he checked the radar and saw that we were in the only sunny spot in Costa Rica) he refused to believe in weather witches.

My mother had told me that when she was there, Poas was throwing rocks.  The day we were there, steam billowed from a lake in the crater.

Jean decided to stay on the level path back to the bus. Eric and I accompanied her.  But I determined that next time we had a choice, I would take the adventurous path. My new hip and rehabilitated muscles were up for it.

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