Friday, September 9, 2011

The Blonde Bombshell Walk

Yesterday in Feldenkrais class at the gym, we worked on hip movements.  We lay on our backs, knees bent, and used our leg muscles to lift our pelvises.  We played with moving our feet closer to, and further away from our buttocks. We moved our knees further apart, and closer together. We worked with picking up our spines, one vertebra at a time and putting them down again, like a string of pearls. The variations took over an hour and our teacher said he’d have more next week.  Then he asked us to get up and walk. To feel our hip joints and pelvises.

I was aware of many smaller muscles, what I call micro-movements, particularly in my left hip with all the gadgetry in there. I walked slowly to appreciate these new sensations.  The gym room has a mirror on one wall. I saw myself walk.  I looked like a blonde bombshell – okay without the blonde hair, slinky clothes, and bedroom eyes.  But I’d recognize that walk anywhere.

Do you suppose the blonde bombshells took Feldenkrais classes in gym?  Who knew that walking like that was healthy?

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  1. Oh, she was soooo pretty. Those shots were taken just shortly before she died. Makes me sad. Candle in the wind.