Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Be a Weather Witch

In order to control the weather, it helps if you do some experiments first.  All the statements below work for me – but until you do your own experiments, there is no reason for you to accept that any of this is possible.  Just try it.

1) You have power over the weather -- you can use your mind to redirect the wind, or even to decide what kind of weather you want for a specific time in the future.

2) Looking at the radar weather scan can help you decide what you want the winds to do, such as   redirect a cloud -- toward you if you want rain, away if you don't.  If you just need a few hours before you get home, you can slow or redirect the wind.  For this, you can just look up at the sky and decide that no rain will fall until you enter a safe place.

3) You can do long-term planning, which is what I did for the wedding. I decided what I wanted the weather to be like and send my thoughts up to the clouds for about a month ahead of time.

4) You can bring rain to parched areas.  It helps if you have other people working with you.

5) You can make the rain stop and start – for example, you can make it be dry while you wait for the bus, let it rain while you ride the bus, and then stop again when you get off the bus, only to start again once you are safely in your destination building.

This is not a matter of wishing.  It is a matter of real control.

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