Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interval Training and Ranting

Time for another rant.

Some of the elliptical trainers at the gym face a television. The sound is off, so I usually ignore it. But, I’ve been doing Interval Training.  


This means I work out in a cycle of normal speed for 2 minutes, speed up for 30 seconds, and resume normal for 2 minutes.  During the cool-down phase, I found myself watching the television.  The words are presented as text on the screen.

The advertizer began by asking viewers if they had too many clothes for their closets.  I was hoping this was going to be an ad for a place to donate the clothing for charity, or to be recycled into paper.  I used to be able to buy paper made from old blue jeans, but that seems to have disappeared.

NO it wasn’t something sensible like that – this was an ad for plastic bags to squish your extra clothes into. Then you were supposed to put the bags into your suitcase.  So, how are you supposed to travel? Or is the suitcase already packed?  Does this mean you are squishing underwear into the bags?  Who has too much underwear?  Bottom line, if a person has too much of anything, the problem is NOT where to store it. The problem is where to donate it.

Interval exercise is supposed to get your heart rate up.  Not the thoughts during cool down.

Next time, I’m going to try to get an elliptical that isn’t facing a television.

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