Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Thanks for Weather Witching

Before my cousin’s wedding, all the talk was about the weather. My cousin (actually first cousin once removed, but she’s still a cousin) had planned an outdoor wedding and rain was forecast.  I told everybody not to worry – my husband, the alien, and I are weather witches.  The weather will be fine. I promised. I reassured.

It rained the morning of the day before the wedding, but when my husband and I got off the train in DC, the skies cleared.  Still assorted relatives continued to stew about the weather.  It will be fine, I said. No rain.

The wedding was held under clear skies. Not a drop dampened the chuppah.  Happy celebrants. This is a couple who love each other. The bride is the daughter of one of my cousin’s on my father’s side.

At the dinner afterwards, one of the relatives told me she had prayed for no rain, and her prayers had been answered.  Another relative got up and gave a speech thanking the bride’s deceased grandmother for intervening with the weather on her grand daughter’s wedding day.  Everybody seemed to have done something to clear the skies. Nobody thanked us.

Rain fell after my husband and I got on the train to leave town.

I offered to teach my friends in Texas how to make it rain - so far nobody is interested. Weather Witching is a learnable skill, like doing a sommersault, or making soup.


  1. This is soo funny -- in the "amazing" meaning of the word. I have been weather-witching for almost 10 years now, but I started it apropos of nothing and believed I had discovered it myself and named it myself! It's not like I had heard of someone else doing it, or heard the term before. I just did it and named it. And I and my family believe I can do it and we all refer to the weather-witching. But look, it's a thing!!

  2. Deb and Barbara, My friend Jean told me she was a weather witch. I told her to prove it. She did. She went to see a play that my husband and I had no interest in. No sooner than she had entered the theater, the clouds opened and drenched us. Jean taught me and in a few days, I'll post the instructions. Please feel free to join in with anything you want to add or correct.

  3. I don't get it. Jean made it rain on you because you didn't want to see the play? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  4. I had asked Jean to prove she was a weather witch. She figured that was as good a time as any -- we'd get soaked and she wouldn't. I don't mind being rained on. It was a good demonstration. My weather control isn't usually that precise.