Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jumping Rope and My New Hip

Jumping Rope was one of my favorite activities in elementary school.  I did the research. It’s low-impact. Not much different from jumping on a trampoline which I do all the time.  So, I bought one of those new-fangled plastic jump ropes that is much easier to spin than the old rope and wooden handle model I grew up with.

The first thing I noticed is that I’d forgotten how to jump rope.  I didn’t know the body could forget such things.  It never forgets how to swim, or spin a hula hoop or ride a bike.  So, I watched YouTube videos on how to jump rope.   Ah – yes – let it slap the ground, then jump.  Slap, jump, slap, jump, slap, jump...

The barometer was down. Pain shot down my thigh and up my butt. And throbbed deep inside where my leg meets my pelvis.

I hurt when I rolled over in bed. I hurt going up and down stairs. I hurt just going for a nice walk.

A few days later the barometer was up, and I felt better.  I jumped some more.  It rained some more.  And I hurt some more. I blamed myself for overdoing it in gym class.  We’d been doing step work. 

But the pain kept getting worse.  I emailed my surgeon.  He wrote back that it looked like back problems to him.  I looked up the symptoms on the web.  Not a good idea.  From that, I’d have concluded I had sciatica.  But sciatica is supposed to have a slow onset and not be affected by the barometer.

I went to my chiropractor.  He asked what I’d been doing. I told him about my new jump rope.  How much fun it was.  He suggested I stop – I have plenty of other exercises I also enjoy.

My leg is feeling better.  My jump rope is going to a new home.


  1. My repaired hip hurt just reading about you jumping rope. I hope the rope finds a god new home and that interval training in the gym (away from distracting ads) keeps you pumped. Loved reading this and finding you.

  2. This is one problem I will not have to deal with. Even as a child jumping rope would lead to what was commonly referred to as a "face plant". So my hips, knees, and recovering broken foot is safe from this form of insult at least. :-)

    Is Still Here

  3. That is too bad about the jumping rope. It's amazing how the weather can effect our bodies. I broke my toe this summer. The doctor told me it would probably hurt for the rest of my life, especially when the weather is cold. Sure enough, as soon as the temperature dropped below about 50 it hurts all the time.