Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voting for a Republican

I just voted for a Republican.  I don’t usually do that without a lot of research, without being disappointed in the Democratic candidate.  But this time, I did it on impulse.

The day before the election, I received many robo-calls.  Technically, according to the law, these recordings are not supposed to start unless I answer with at least two words.  I answer with one word.  Most of them start up anyway.  A few tie up my line with silence.  

One of these was a recording telling me Not to cast my vote for this Republican.  That I’d be wasting my vote and besides this man was dangerous.  He had endangered the lives of some undercover police officers by shooting his gun into the air.

My instinct was a – vote for this guy – he’s got somebody rich frightened.

How is anybody supposed to recognize an undercover police officer?  They’re in disguise – probably dressed like drug pushers or prostitutes.  And, while I don’t think it’s cool to shoot a gun into the air to frighten drug pushers and / or prostitutes (especially not prostitutes), I don’t think it endangers anybody.

I did some web surfing about this candidate.  If he wins, he’ll be the first Asian-American ever elected to the city council.  He’s a war hero (maybe that’s where the gun stuff comes from.)  He seems like a decent guy.  

I’ve seen signs supporting him in Chinatown.  I’ve also seen signs asking City Council to remove bike lanes from Chinatown.  I ride a bike. I WANT bike lanes everywhere.  I hope this candidate won’t vote to get rid of my bike lanes.

Online I found another interesting tidbit.  A City Council member whose office has regularly failed to return my calls is a likely candidate for President of the City Council.  He’s a Democrat.  If this Republican candidate wins, he’ll probably vote for somebody else – anybody else.  That could be good for the city.

I wasn’t going to vote for a Republican for City Council this year.  But thanks to that nasty recording, I voted for him, and so did my husband, the alien.

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