Friday, January 6, 2012

Good Deeds?

When possible, I like to connect people I think could help each other. Often it works out. I recommended Young PT to a computer client who damaged her rotator cuff. I share recipes and baking samples with neighbors. 

And I thought it would be helpful when one of my computer clients had outgrown her computer, to suggest she donate it to another client who runs a non-profit and could use another computer.
Used computers aren’t worth much on the resale market, so freedom from the hassle of selling the old machine plus a tax write-off can be a good deal. 

First the non-profit client had health problems and had to put off picking up the old computer. Then she decided she wanted some program that can be downloaded from the web installed before picked it up.  I donated that. Eventually, the transfer took place.

My client contacted me.  The non-profit hadn’t sent her a donor letter to use for her tax write-off.

I contacted the non-profit.  The non-profit woman was having problems with the used computer and thought it wasn’t worth much.  She said she would write the donor letter for a $50 value machine.   I sent her links to the tax revenue websites showing that it is not up to her to place a value on the donated item. She only needs to write a letter thanking the donor for a computer. 

This turned into a heated argument in which I wound up telling her that if she did not write the donor letter without an estimated value for the computer, I would never suggest anybody donate anything to her again.

She agreed to write the letter.  

Months went by.  No letter.  

She said she writes all the letters for the year in January.  Weird, but okay – the letter will arrive before tax time.

The first week of January, my client contacted me.  Where was her donor letter?

This time I sent an email to both of them, reminding the non-profit woman that she had promised to send the letter and because of the promise I expect her to do it.  

A few days later, the non-profit woman emailed me back that she had written the letter.  


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