Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Maturing Web Artist

About ten years ago I web-met (is that a verb?) A young children’s writer and artist, Valerie. We were both nominees for awards in EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) http://www.epicorg.com

Valerie has social skills that I lack.  It would never have occurred to me to write her. She was obviously friends with many other EPIC members and she was obviously young.  In my experience young writers who have fans don’t socialize with geezers.

But since she wrote to me, I wrote back.  During these 10 years, Valerie has married, become the mother of two girls, moved to Alaska and now Texas.  And her art style has changed.  When we met, she described her art as “ugly.”  But she willingly donated digital downloads to a charity I support.  Read A Good Story, Do a Good Deed http://www.simegen.com/simecenter/

Her art style has gone through several transitions. Most recently, she created a zazzle account under the name AbundanceLoveTrip.   Her art used to be representational.  Now it is abstract.

Her life questions used to be simple – will I meet someone I want to marry? Will I find work that I love?  Now she is part of the general soap opera.  She has taken care of her husband in illness and helped her children with their learning difficulties.  These growth experiences show in her new art.

I have seen her perspectives change from thinking she was a grown-up in her early 20's to knowing that we’re never grown-ups but have to play the part, now that she’s in her 30's.

Web-meeting someone by intermittent correspondence is often more indepth than working with them daily.  We don’t have to be on good behavior when we write emails. I find this kind of friendship works.

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