Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My first 2-piece swimsuit in over 40 years

I just bought my first two-piece swim suit in over 40 years.

Those one-piece suits don’t hold a prosthetic very well. Even after I sew a pocket into one. It looked okay while the suit was dry. But when I started swimming, the prosthetic drooped and moved around oddly.

I tried adjusting the pocket, shrinking the pocket, using different prosthetic materials. I think the only way a plastic breast would stay put is if it was stitched into the suit itself.  I actually saw a type of plastic online that looks like it would work.

But I emailed the company and they told me that their flexible bounce-back plastic absorbs water and would have problems.  I suggested they dip it in silicone, and they didn’t write back to me.

There are a variety of companies making breast prosthetics for swimming, but none of them can be stitched into the suit to make sure they’ll stay in place.  All of them say they should be removed, washed and dried between uses.

With a two-piece suit, the prosthetic has no place to sag into, or move around in. There’s the band around the ribs, and the shaping of each breast cover to protect the sides. I wore a two-piece in my 20's, even when  I was pregnant. It was practical then and it is practical now.

All I want to do is swim without chasing my prosthetic around the pool (light weight ones come out of the pocket), or stopping to wring it out, which looks really odd (but is necessary with a bath puff).

I bought a regular two-piece and sewed a piece of old stocking as a pocket on the side that needs to be filled.  It works.  I swam half-a- mile and didn’t have to think about the stuffing in my top, once.  I’m the only gray-haired person at the pool in a two-piece. I’m also the only gray-haired woman who swims.  I told one of my neighbors, who is even older than I am about it.  She said she’d get out her bikini and compete with me. 

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