Friday, August 24, 2012

Roar Updates

Roar loves Buffy’s bunny.  When we first got Buffy, I went to the thrift shop and bought her a stuffed animal to sleep with.  That animal was shreds within an hour.  After that I tried an official pet toy from the grocery store. It lasted a few days.  Then I tried a mail order catalog – I ordered two bunnies – a white one and a blue one. That way I could have one to wash while she had one to play. 

These were odd little bunnies. Cut face forward with their ears sticking up and their hind legs sticking down – sort of a cross between a gingerbread man and a bunny.  These bunnies lasted her throughout her life time.  She ripped at them with her fangs. She played tug of war with them with humans and other dogs. The blue bunny got lost.  But the white one waited patiently in the basement until Roar arrived.

Roar ripped at it with his fangs. He played tug of war.  He got onto his dog bed and let me pull him around the livingroom while he held onto the bunny with his teeth and I held the other end with my hands and walked.

Roar has saliva that rivals snail slime.  The white bunny is turning black. I want to get that bunny away from him so I can wash it. So, I tried searching the web for  “stuffed bunny”. Nothing even close. I tried “plush bunny.” I found something similar – a plush bear with the same look of being cross-bred with a gingerbread man.  It’s on order.

Meanwhile Roar passed the incubation period for kennel cough, without getting sick. Yay! Plus double yay – this meant that our local groomer would now be able to see him. His hair is thick. In this heat, long thick hair is miserable.  He looks much more comfortable now.  Our groomer took over 4 hours with him because he is so much fun to play with.  He also marked her office as his territory.  

She loaned me a copy of Way to Go – How to Housetrain a Dog at Any Age.  Roar is partly trained. He loves to poop on walks. And he knows how to use the dog door into the back yard.  But he goes where he is when ever he wants.  I’ll be posting about whether the ideas in this book work.

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