Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Updates

First: ben wa balls
I have a sneeze and leak problem.  About six months ago, I bought a set of ben wa balls, otherwise known as ½" ball bearings.  I’ve built up to being able to go up and down my staircase 10 times without dropping them.  But I still sneeze and leak. And my husband, the alien, says he doesn’t feel any difference.  My conclusion – they don’t work.

I’d tried kegels before and had no results.  My gynecologist said I just wasn’t using the right muscles.  I don’t think it’s possible to use any wrong muscles when I’m keeping those ball bearings in.  The exercises just don’t help me stop leaking when I sneeze.

Recently I read an article that claims doing squats will help.  So, that’s my next experiment.

Second: house-training my dog
It’s really not a matter of house-training the dog.  It’s a matter of dog-training me.  I was only walking my dog twice a day.  Now, I come home at lunch to walk him and I walk him a 4th time right before I go to bed.  We have had no accidents since I began this routine.

I can also recommend the ChewMan dog toy.  He has been unable to destroy it.

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