Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Progress in the Movie World

Last time I wrote about this, the family screenplay I wrote with Jean had won the Gold Remi at Worldfest, and been optioned. 

So what’s next?

First we got a set of rewrite requests that we thought made sense. So we did them.

Then we got more rewrite requests that we didn’t think made sense. So, we explained why.

Then we got a skype session with both of us and the producer.  We agreed on an actor we’d like in the lead adult male role.  Turns out that the producer has worked with him before.  The producer promised to call him the next day.  

The producer emailed me that this actor has agreed to read the script.  Yay!

The producer also talked about using kickstarter to start buzz and raise money to make a good trailer to show potential bigger investors.  We know kickstarter donors like to receive goodies when they donate.  Since this is a period piece, we talked about modifying period posters that are now out of copyright (if they ever were copyrighted) by adding scenes from our movie script.

The producer emailed us the URL of a website belonging to an artist he knows.  Both Jean and I agreed that this artist could do a good job.

Then the producer asked us to come up with a name for our writing team.  Jean and I have been discussing names for 2 days now.  We have yet to agree on anything, but we have 3 contenders that might do, if we can’t think of a name we both love.  I want something silly like Bad Robot, and she wants something either about the two of us, or else something sweet.  I suggested Bat Watchers because we once went bat watching together.  She objected because we only did that once.

Now we wait.  Will the actor decide to be in our screenplay? Will we think of the best name for our writing team? And ultimately, will our movie go to movie theaters or direct to DVD, or even happen at all?  We have an option, not a contract.  So everything is still nebulous.

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