Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Free Stuff on the Web

I like free stuff. When my yoga teacher has free samples, I take them.  When my gym has member party events with food, I go and eat enough for dinner.

I attended a writers’ workshop and a woman there had a combination pen and camera. It could even do optical character recognition and turn her cursive into text that she could then copy to her computer.  When I asked about the pen, she said she was a member of – a website that gives free and discount samples of new products in trade for buzz. In other words, you get free stuff but you have to agree to talk to people about the products.  It’s okay not to like the free stuff – you just have to agree to talk about it.

I’ve turned down free make-up and free sauces.  I liked the free yogurt.  This week, the freebie was an oven-ready Purdue package of cornish game hens or chicken.  I’ve only bought cornish game hens once before. They cost a lot and tasted like chicken.  My local store only had the game hens. I had the coupon.  So I got them using a free coupon from bzzagent.  There were two in the bag.

The game hens were in plastic bags, complete with a bit of soup and spices.  All I had to do was put them in a baking dish, cut a 1" hole in each bag, and pop them into the oven for a little over an hour.  The instructions suggested a baking thermometer, but I have no idea where mine is.  I bake fowl until the leg breaks easily.

I’m a big fan of baking in plastic bags.  They cut the baking time in half, and you never get a dry bird.

My opinion: they taste like chicken.  Good chicken. Tender chicken. The spicing is mild. The bags didn’t leak, so I didn’t even have to wash the baking pan.  So, it was a minimal effort to serve a tasty and attractive dish.  To serve, you have to cut the bag open, put the game hens on a plate and carve.  Free was a great price.  The regular price is about $12.  I think that’s high. It’s about 4 lbs of bird.  I don’t know about game hens, but chicken does not cost $3 a pound.

I have some discount coupons for $2 and $3 off.  I’ll take them to my Toastmasters meeting for anybody who wants them.

My main recommendation is for 

They may have something you want at a discount or for free.  The woman who had that fancy pen, said she paid $30 for it. 

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