Friday, November 2, 2012

My Election Rant

This is my election rant.

On Facebook, somebody posted a picture of a pretty 20-something woman, wearing summer clothing, holding a neat, clean diaper-clad baby on her lap, and a remote clicker in her hand.

The caption read:

Receives Monthly Welfare Checks
Feeds Child With Foodstamps
Child’s Medical Care Provided by Medicaid
Hates Obama Because He’s a Socialist

I thought the point was supposed to be that this young woman doesn’t appreciate the help that our government is giving her.

But then I read the comments from other Facebook users, most of whom I’ve never met.

These users speculated about why this woman is a single mother. They mostly accused her of promiscuity and a plan to live on welfare for as long as she can get pregnant. None of them responded to my statement that welfare is only for 2 years – not 2 year per baby, but 2 years only.

These users said they don’t think this child (who looked barely old enough to sit up) shouldn’t be sitting on his rear end while other people work to provide food and clothing for him.

They accused me of misguided naivete when I commented that I think all children his age should be fed and clothed with money they didn’t earn themselves.

These users wanted to punish this child for something they imagine his mother did.  When I pointed out that all children have two parents and there are many reasons why a child might be raised by only one, they continued to hurl insults at this child’s mother for actions they could not possibly know. All they had to go on was this photograph.

These same users oppose birth control and abortion, and Obamacare. Some oppose public schools, and public roads.  They think it is okay if this child starves to death, or dies of a treatable disease that his mother can’t afford to have treated.

I see this child, and all children as the future.  We have to take care of them, so they will take care of our planet and our future. 

Something went wrong in the education of these Facebook users.  Something has gone wrong in our society, our culture. We need to elect people who want a future in which the children of all mothers are fed and clothed, given medical care, and sent to school.  And we need to teach all our children why we need to care for each other.

Vote Obama.

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