Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paper-Training Me

Roar is the poopiest pooch on the planet.  He poops 3 times on an average walk.  The total can be as many as 5.  I’m used to re-using plastic bags to pick up pooch poop, but Roar’s pooping exceeds my bag supply.  I’ve asked dogless neighbors to pitch in with their extra bags.  But still, Roar is one poopy pooch.

Much of so-called dog-training is really human training.  First I had to learn to walk him 3 or 4 times a day so he wouldn’t poop in my house.  Now I had to figure out the best way to pick up his poop.

I remembered seeing Japanese dogs poop onto old newspapers.  I don’t subscribe to any newspapers – I prefer to read on line.  But, I get the free Wednesday paper.  And I get the advertising bundle on Thursdays.   Both of these use colored ink, so I can’t feed them to my worms.  (The worm composting manual, says to feed them black ink newspapers only.)

So, I broke my newspapers and ads into two-sheet stacks, and took a handful out on Roar’s walk, along with one used plastic bag to put the soiled papers into.

The first time, I wasn’t fast enough.  I put the paper down on top of the first deposit, but the rest landed on target.  I had to use the bag to pick up the speedy chunk.  It seems I’m a fast learner.  Or Roar is catching on and slowing down a bit.  Either way, the paper trick works on Roar just as well as on Japanese dogs.

There’s more than one way to recycle a newspaper.  Except now, the poopy papers wind up in the garbage.  They used to go into the paper recycling bucket.  Having a dog raises my carbon footprint no matter how I pick up his poop.  I live in a city. I can’t just kick dirt over it and go on walking.

I am, however, taking the used plastic bags to the bag recycling dump at my local drug store.  

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